About Our Church

We trace our beginnings to May 1784 to a Methodist Society organized in the cabin of Thomas Lackey, who lived southeast of the city. His home was a preaching point on the Redstone Circuit, which was laid out by Francis Asbury, the first bishop of our denomination.

A log church, the first church building in the city of Washington, was erected in 1801. Bishop Asbury preached in this church in 1809. By 1816, to accommodate a growing congregation, a brick church was erected. President-elect Andrew Jackson attended service there in 1829 on his way to Washington, D.C. for his inauguration.

In 1848, a third church building, also make of brick, was built on West Wheeling Street. President Ulysses S. Grant attended service in this church in 1871. The current brick structure was completed in 1876. Many of the stained glass windows, including the majestic windows at the rear of the sanctuary, are original. The windows on each side of the sanctuary, which depict Bible stories from the Garden of Eden to Revelation, were installed in 1968. An education annex, connecting the church building to the former parsonage, was constructed in 1959.

An ambitious interior and exterior restoration project was completed in 2000, by a once again growing and visionary congregation, to preserve the best of our tradition while transforming our ministry to serve the needs of the people of Washington County in the 21st Century.